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You Are Seen
You Are Seen
Acrylic paint, fabric paint, spray paint on welcome mat
23.5 x 35 inches

Artist: Andrea Lesia Emery
Location: Black Squirrel Books and Espresso Bar (Old Ottawa South)

This work was inspired by stained glass windows, specifically those created by William Morris in the late 19th century. Morris’ love of pattern and texture, as well as a love of the hand-made is reflected in this artwork. In many cultures, the hand-image or Hamsa, in the center of the artwork, is an image often recognized and used as a sign of protection. When the fingers are pointed downwards, it’s believed to also represent blessings, power & strength and good luck. The idea behind combining the Hamsa along with the word “Welcome” and using the stained glass effect (often found in places of worship) was to try to let people, who are entering the space, feel like they are safe and seen.

Photo credit: Rémi Thériault