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Between the City and Me
Between the City and Me
Acrylic, yarn, and plastic canvas on welcome mat
44 x 12 inches

Arist: Hasina Kamanzi
Location: Hintonburg Public House (Hintonburg)

The title refers to the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates which details how institutions such as the school, the police, and even the streets’ discipline, endanger and threaten to disembody Black people. Hasina borrowed from this title to express that the metaphorical distance between the City and its inhabitants is made of those same institutions. By bringing attention to the dysfunction, she emphasizes a solution. To depict this rift, she reproduced a local street sign and tore it in half. She connected the fragments with yarn, to visually play on the idiom “hanging by a thread”.

Photo credit: Rémi Thériault