Through my sculptures, installations, and mixed media works, I investigate the lingering emotions and resonant fragments that derive from interactions through various social media and online communication hubs in our bid to initiate, achieve, and/or maintain an intimate connection. By sourcing text from digital correspondences (e.g. emails, text messages, and chat conversations from gay hook-up apps) the most private of utterances are severed from their speakers and monumentalized to a state that ignites language to a physical form which occupies real space in lieu of virtual space. In the end my work archives the digital while recording the dissolution of affection. Is it truly the end once one has pressed ‘delete’?


    Christos Pantieras (born, 1973 in Ottawa) completed his Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from York University (Toronto, ON) in 2015. Pantieras has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, including: The Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa), The Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives (Toronto), Modern Fuel ARC (Kingston), AXENEO (Gatineau), Circa-Art Actuel (Montreal), and The White Water Gallery (North Bay). Pantieras' work is represented in the collection of the City of Ottawa and throughout several private collectors. He's received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.


    Christos Pantieras gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the City of Ottawa (July 2017). [ www.ottawa.ca ]

    Christos Pantieras gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Arts Council (August 2017). [ www.arts.on.ca ]