Words become detritus; they signify little and are additive as they pile up. In a time of immediate communication, words are manipulated and infinitely produced (K. Goldsmith).

When navigating virtual communities, to what depth do we communicate with the written virtual word? Pantieras' installation and mixed media works explore the frailty of personal connections and the humanism that is diminished when communicating and interacting online in lieu of offline. By repurposing ephemeral digital communication sourced from synchronous and asynchronous platforms, Pantieras investigates intent and affect along considerations of resonance and linger.

Christos Pantieras (born, 1973 in Ottawa) completed his Bachelors of Fine Arts and his Bachelors of Education from the University of Ottawa. He attained a Masters of Fine Arts in Sculpture from York University (Toronto, ON) in 2015. Pantieras has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions including The Ottawa Art Gallery (Ottawa), the Luminato Festival (Toronto), Modern Fuel ARC (Kingston), AXENEO (Gatineau), Gallery 101 (Ottawa), and The White Water Gallery (North Bay). Pantieras' work is represented in the collection of the City of Ottawa and throughout several private collectors. He's received grants from the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Ottawa.