Cake Work
Drywall, drywall compound, drywall tape, pigment, food colouring, latex paint, acrylic, tin foil, tempera paint, cake boards, metal frame.
2' x 8 ' x 4 feet

Official title of the sculpture: "Strawberry Shortcake, Lovely Lemon, Mocha, Blue Chiffon, White Chocolate Canada Mousse, Big Birthday Layer Cake, Pistachio Peach, Assorted Mini's, Vanilla Love, Banana Cream, Princess Cake, Angel Food"

This piece was commissioned as part of the project "Cut the Cake - Celebrate!". Funded by the Ottawa 2017 Arts, Culture, and Heritage Investment Program, the artists from our organization (The Enriched Bread Artists) created cake-inspired artworks. Cakes relate to the history of our building, the former Standard Bread Company, and to the theme of celebration. The artworks were professionally documented and then integrated into a moving narrative with "The Big Cake Projection". The video was presented every evening for a two week period in August 2017.

Video Credit: Christopher Davidson